atg Luther & Maelzer to exhibit at HKPCA Show 2014

Comprehensive Portfolio of Leading Solutions for Bare Board Test
atg Luther & Maelzer will exhibit its advanced PCB test solutions at the upcoming HKPCA show, scheduled to take place December 3-5, 2014 at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Centre, Shenzhen, China. At HKPCA, atg Luther & Maelzer will showcase their leading product portfolio of flying probe and universal grid test systems. The comprehensive atg Luther & Maelzer flying probe tester product line provides highly efficient solutions for all kind of bare boards. Automation options and various features to ensure accuracy and uptime make the atg Luther & Maelzer flying probe testers a most reliable choice. atg Luther & Maelzer’s universal grid products are dedicated to high volume test of PCBs under best economic efficiency. A variety of innovative features support leading productivity with advanced automation and alignment tools. The atg Luther & Maelzer LM400 with Sniper offset detection is ready for testing next generation of PCBs with 150 micron pads, which will be introduced on PC motherboards in 2015 The post atg Luther & Maelzer to exhibit at HKPCA Show 2014 appeared first on