atg Luther & Maelzer to exhibit at CTEX 2016, in Suzhou

High Precision Flying Probe Test and Innovative Grid Test Equipment

atg Luther & Maelzer will exhibit its leading test solutions for PCBs and substrates at the upcoming CTEX 2016 show scheduled to take place May 18 -20, 2016 at the Suzhou International Expo Center, China.

At CTEX 2016 show, atg Luther & Maelzer will showcase its recently launched grid test solution, the LM1000. This dual-technology grid test system has been designed to support the mass production requirements of the HDI market. It supports both cost-efficient universal fixtures and dedicated fixtures for high end applications.

From the market leading flying probe product family, atg Luther & Maelzer will exhibit the recently launched S3 Tester. The S3 Flying Probe tester is capable of contacting 10 µm substrate and meets all challenging requirements of high end substrate test. These requirements include positioning accuracy and a high number of contact points. This has been accomplished by leveraging the advanced flying probe technology of atg Luther & Maelzer.

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